Passenger Rail Service Could Be Arriving on the Coast

The return of a passenger rail service could be on its way to the Gulf Coast.
Ten years ago, the train service ‘Sunset Limited’ could carry travelers from New Orleans to Florida. But after Katrina destroyed the rail system, Amtrak suspended that route.
Local officials, business leaders and civic leaders across the Gulf States are all working to bring back the rail service. The Southern Rail Commission has applied for a grant that would allow funds to support a final report to recommend a passenger rail service from New Orleans to Orlando.
Mayor Knox Ross, chairman of the Southern Rail Commission, said, “There’s a widespread amount of support from your governments, from your planning organizations, and from your business community to get the train service back. And that’s what is most important part of this. We have to have local support. Your elected representatives in Washington have to know that this is important.”
Ross also believes that mobility will equal greater opportunity for the Coast by restoring the rail system more jobs will be created and more money can be brought in.

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