Pass Road Elementary teacher wins environmental grant

Mississippi Power has rewarded a Pass Road Elementary teacher with an environmental education grant for her work with the school’s garden.

Gifted teacher Melanie Davis began the garden about a year ago with some of her students in several grades to let them learn about the environment.

Davis allows each of the students to decide which aspects and plants they would like to work on in the garden.

The garden features a variety of different plants each student can work with such as herbs, gourds, local plants, sunflowers, and many more.

The students also created QR codes that link to more information and facts on the plants. Davis said, “They really researched what their interest was in, which is what made even better. They were so vested in their own learning. They would run to me and want to spend time in the garden. They were able to really work with our curriculum as far as their artistic side and their research skills. It’s just grown immensely with this garden.”

The grant was worth $1,000. Over the past six years, Mississippi Power has awarded about $120,000 of grants to about 200 teachers.

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