Pass Road Elementary students create interactive map of downtown Gulfport area during history camp

Three Pass Road Elementary students created an interactive map during a history camp funded by National Geographic.

Fourth-graders Payton, Angel, and Sabrina spent time at the inaugural History Camp led by Quest teacher Melanie Davis.

The students used resources at the museum and received help from staff and volunteers to identify buildings in downtown Gulfport and research their histories.

Anyone can now grab a map from Gulfport’s history museum and take a walking tour complete with QR codes that link information about each building.

With the success of the program this year, more funding will be granted for future camps. Davis said, “We ran a camp here for about two weeks in the summer. The kids really took it as a service-learning project and they decided in the community, the problems that they noticed, what did we need, and their big questions were what was the backstory, which I thought was so intuitive of them.”

The Mississippi Geographic Alliance secured the funding for the camp.

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