Pass Christian’s Marin Beeson signs with Delta State softball

Pass Christian sending dual-sport star Marin Beeson off to the next level this evening.

A two-time South State champion for volleyball, Beeson actually putting pen to paper with Delta State for softball, a sport she says she fell in love with when she was five.

A true student-athlete, Beeson has over a 4.0 GPA in the classroom. On the field, plays both middle infield and outfield for the Lady Pirates, having committed to Delta State about a month ago.  “Oh, it means everything. I’ve put so much work into it, and it’s just so great to feel it and know it’s paying off because that has been my dream for so long is to go play in college. Whenever I went to the camp, it was definitely an experience that was different than the rest of the camps I went to. It was very fast-paced and I really liked that, and the coaches were just very knowledgeable about what they were telling me. It was the slightest little thing that I was like, I didn’t notice that, and it helped a ton, so I could just tell that they were knowledgeable, and along with my parents, I know that they want me to be taken care of considering I’m going five hours away so it’s one of those things, I feel safe with you going here, and I did too, so that’s why I chose them. Respect the Statesmen, fear the Okra.”

Beeson says some of her favorite memories are the pre-game meals with her teammates and that the go-to spots are normally Smoothie King or Wendy’s.

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