Pass Christian puts on kickball tournament for resident to raise funds after double mastectomy

The City of Pass Christian is hosting a kickball tournament to help raise funds for a resident who recently went through a double mastectomy.

Connie Burks was diagnosed with breast cancer last November about one year after her mother passed away from the same disease.

To combat the cancer, Burks had a double mastectomy to remove both breasts. Burks is a mother of ten and an active member of the community.

To help raise funds post-surgery, the City of Pass Christian is throwing a kickball tournament on August 20th for its residents.

The event will be at 207 Fleitas Avenue and will begin at 10 a.m. and will run until there are no games left.

The fee for the tournament is $65 per adult team, 16 and up, and $25 per kids’ team with both having a max of 11 players. Event Coordinator Ashton Ladner said, “It’s amazing. It’s just we are like a sports family and we already cheer each other on and our kids on through football, baseball, basketball; so, to be able to have a kickball tournament and have our kids support us and root for us, it’s like the roles reverse and it’s really fun. I’m excited.”

For more information call 228-224-6783 and to register call 228-493-5340.

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