Pass Christian Man Uses Music to Cope with Katrina

For one Pass Christian man, music has been his way of coping with the tragedy and loss from Hurricane Katrina.

Scott Niolet’s family evacuated when storm warnings were called, but came back immediately after the storm passed. They came back to utter devastation. Niolet says he can’t remember anything he worried about before Katrina because the storm’s peril put his life in a new perspective.

Niolet says, “When people realize that they’re stronger than they think they are, it’s just an amazing transformation that takes place. You’ve got to get through the storm to see the rainbows, and that’s something that everybody needs to remember, and that’s the impetus that forced me to write these songs. That’s where the words came from.”

Niolet wrote and sang ten songs for his CD, Clearing the Debris. He says it was his way of moving from the uncertainty and getting through the grieving process. Niolet hopes others impacted by Katrina hear his songs and realize they too are stronger than the storm.

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