Pass Christian Man Loses Home in Black Friday Fire

While this Thanksgiving holiday weekend is meant to be relaxing, it’s been anything but for south Mississippi firefighters and some Coast families. Several fires broke out overnight, leaving some people in the area homeless, but lucky to be alive.

Embers still burn at a Pass Christian home where an early morning fire left one man without a home. Pat Sullivan, Harrison County Fire Marshal, says, "He was awoken by the smoke detectors going off and smoke in his house. He discovered a fire in his living room and tried to initially put it out himself, called 911, and when we arrived, the fire was pretty extensive in the house. It ended up destroying the home."

Dawn Logan is the homeowner’s girlfriend. She tells News 25 the home was all he had. Logan says, "In awe you know over this, I mean, thank God he got out. We actually had a brunch date this morning and he wasn’t answering his phone and just something told me to get on down here earlier."

Fire officials say the homeowner tried to put out the fire himself, using a water hose, but was unsuccessful due to the cold temperatures. The water was frozen in the hose. The fire marshal believes the fire started in the fireplace. Logan says they’d had problems with it all week long, that smoke had been billowing from the fireplace into other areas of the house. Logan had planned to clean the fire place Friday. Logan also says, "He was having problems with it ‘cause of the smoke. Like I said, I was going somewhat down the hall. I told him not to use it. I don’t know what happened."

If you’re ever in doubt about a fireplace, fire officials warn against using it. Instead, hire a professional to perform an inspection as soon as possible. Sullivan closes, "Every home that has a fireplace should have a professional inspect the home because they know what they’re doing. They’re licensed, they’re bonded, and they’re experienced in this."

Unfortunately, the home was not insured, but the American Red Cross is helping out and hoping donations will pour in to help the homeowner rebuild.

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