Pass Christian kindergartener’s creative handiwork on display

The creative handiwork of some students is on display at Pass Christian Elementary School.

It is spring time, a perfect time of year to learn about animals and their habitats, and some students at PCES are doing just that through their animal habitat projects showcased for all to see in the halls of the school.

Kindergarten teacher Lauren Williamson says PCES encourages learning as a shared responsibility, clearly seen here. Kindergartener Alivia Jenkins said, “My animal is a penguin. Fun fact is that the Daddy left the Mom rocks to impress them.”

Kindergartener Kinsley Bonney said, “Mine is an owl. We went to the zoo. Mommy, Daddy and Joe, and me and my Daddy and my Mom went to the zoo. Owls eat frogs, lizards, rats and snakes.”

Each student chose a favorite animal and habitat for their project for the display.

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