Pass Christian K9 Scout meets the woman who named him

Pass Christian’s K9 is meeting up with one of the people who named him.

This snuggly pup may look familiar. The last time we saw Pass Christian’s new K9, he was about 10 pounds smaller and nameless.

Scout Bleu Daniel was named by the community. Susie Beattie picked the name Daniel and today she got to meet him.  “I actually picked the name Daniel for the family that donated the puppy to the police department. It’s just an honor to have been chosen to give him a name.”

She was able to spend time with Scout, soaking up all those puppy kisses.

Scout has grown a lot since the last time we saw him. The next time we see him, he’ll be ready to spring into action.

Scout will begin his training to become a drug-detection dog in the next few weeks. The community is eager to see him with a badge. Chief of Police Daren Freeman said, “We’ve had two different individuals from town, citizens, call us about donating bulletproof vests for him already. That just shows what kind of community we have in Pass Christian. The citizens are absolutely pro-law enforcement and they’re behind this department and Scout completely.”

Officer Alex Klodnicki is Scout’s handler and will go with him to training. “He will live with Officer Klodnicki and they will form that bond that they’re going to use every day when they go to work.”

The next time we see this K9, he’ll be in a cap and gown and going by Officer Scout.

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