Pass Christian High throws watch party for Olympian Cory McGee


As the proud owner of 22 gold medals in track and field and cross country from her time as a Pass Christian Pirate, Cory McGee is used to winning.

More than a decade later, her final race in the 2020 Tokyo Games may not have ended with a spot on the podium, but the pride of Pass Christian comes from a place that will always have her back no matter what.

Among those watching Cory McGee run the 1500-meter race of her dreams, back home where it all began at their alma mater, younger Sister Devin. “She’s definitely motivated by the people back home that love her and cheer for her. So, I hope that everyone can keep it in perspective and not look at that race as just one race, that was the Olympic finals. And she was in it.”

Twenty years of her life, dedicated to a single moment that lasted all of four minutes and 5.50 seconds, good enough for 12th place out of 13 and good enough period. “I mean I think Cory’s end goal is an Olympic gold medal and a world record, so of course when she crossed the finish line and came over and talked to us, she immediately said, not good enough, were the exact words that she said, and all three of us, plus our parents, just immediately went, Cory, you are good enough. You’re better than good enough. You’re an Olympian.”

Before 29-year-old Cory was an Olympian, she was an All-American at the University of Florida and before that she won 26 medals at Pass High where her legacy continues to inspire to this day. Pass Christian Track and Field/ Cross Country Coach Chris Bayer said, “She has been an absolute rock of this team, as far as the whole team was basically built because of her. And she’s a hometown hero. She’s definitely inspired a lot of the kids to do and try a little harder in everything they’ve done.”

After failing to qualify for the games in 2012 and 2016, Cory earned her place in Tokyo, every step of the way, running a personal best four-minute race in the Olympic Trials before qualifying for the semis and ultimately the finals.

As Cory’s career on the track now comes full circle, both literally and metaphorically, her next lap is sure to take her right back through Pass Christian without the 14-hour time difference. “I think we just want to be together. We just want to be together and tell her how proud we are. It’s hard to tell somebody that over a Zoom screen when they’re all the way in Tokyo, Japan. We want to hug her. We want to cry with her. And we want to love on her because she did the dang thing.”


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