Pascagoula’s Two Percent Food Tax Increase Kicks in January 1st

Starting January 1st it’s going to cost you a little extra to go out to eat in Pascagoula. News 25 checked in with customers enjoying lunch today at a local Pascagoula restaurant who were happy to weigh in on the upcoming two percent food tax increase.
David Dowell and Keith Hurst have worked in Pascagoula for a few years now. On this day, like many others, they worked up a good appetite, hoping to get their fill at the city’s Cornerstone Restaurant. “Great food, reasonable prices, and fantastic service,” said Dowell.
In just a few days it’s going to cost a little bit more to eat at every restaurant in Pascagoula, as the city’s two percent food tax increase kicks in. The extra money will be used to fund improvements to the city’s parks and recreation facilities. “I don’t think I’ll notice a two percent increase in tax. It’s only when you eat out. So to me, that’s minimal and hopefully it will go for a good purpose,” said Dowell.
Say you go out to eat and your bill comes to about $32.62, come January 1st, with the two percent tax increase, that same meal will run about $33.27 which is about 65 cents more.
Leaders with the city’s parks and recreation department say upgrades to existing parks, additional drainage and lighting at the soccer complex, and beach improvements are just some of the things on the menu for the coming years.
Citizen groups are set to meet with the City Council later next month to discuss exactly what the money should be poured into. Resident Cassandra Murphy already has her own ideas topping the list. “I am hoping for more activities for children, giving them different options of events that they can attend or activities they can participate in after school, especially during summer and not just for young children, but for children of all ages.”

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