Pascagoula Senior Center prepares residents for hurricane season

The Pascagoula Senior Center hosted a preparedness event and Cinco de Mayo party today.

Chad Brownlow, a speaker from emergency management, talked to seniors about hurricane season which runs June 1st through November 30th and how they need to take safety measures for it.

For example, Brownlow listed places that offered shelter for those who don’t plan to evacuate and why it is important to get medications refilled before a hurricane passes through.

The mood was then lightened by a Mexican lunch and virgin margaritas. Hoop Cares CEO Liz Hoop said, “We do them every year. We’ve done them, this is about our 11th or 12th year. Every year we’ve done this particular one because we want to make sure we have new seniors moving in and moving out, coming and going, so we want to make sure everyone is prepared.”

In addition to the fiesta, other vendors were there to give out information about there to give out information about their organizations and how they could help seniors when it comes to health care, therapy, and other things.

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