Pascagoula Pride Part 1: Resurrection Catholic playing for first-ever 1A Baseball State Title

It’s not uncommon for there to be two high schools in the same city, but it is very uncommon for those two schools to be playing for a baseball state title at the same time.

Introducing Resurrection Catholic and Pascagoula. First up, your 1A South State champs.

Second baseman Will Clemens said, “Oh, it’s a huge deal. There’s only been a few sports teams at this school in history that have made it this far. Just the fact that this is the first time the baseball team has made it that far is even bigger.”

The smallest school on the Coast on the biggest stage is nothing new for Resurrection Catholic. Head Coach Johnny Olsen said, “We’re just a small little old school and one of the smallest ones in the state, and we’ve played up and down the Coast, we’ve played in Mobile, we’ve played a really good school out of Georgia, and so we’ve played good competition and they’ve handled it extremely well.”

The Eagles went 6-1 against 4 and 5A schools from the six coastal counties and they got even stronger in district play, rolling to a perfect 8-0 first place record. “I mean I think everybody knows Resurrection baseball has a name for being one of the best on the Coast, and being a 1A team doesn’t change that.”

RCS started its postseason run with seven more wins and didn’t lose again until game two of the South State finals at Stringer, ending what was previously a 17-game winning streak. “After the game, it was strange because we were really more confident after that game, I think than we were in the first game.”

“I think that loss actually helped us, bring us back down a little bit, going into this big environment.”

Setting the stage for a South State dogpile in game three back home in Pascagoula.

History for Resurrection in the form of a 2-1 series win over the Red Devils and its first ever 1A South State title.

But for the Eagles, now it is all about turning the page to Tupelo Christian and trying not to turn too many pages all at once. “When we left the ballpark Saturday, we met up and one thing we’re going to kind of take with us this week and really concentrate on and talk about is going up to Pearl and not letting the moment get too big for us. It’s a great place to play, great venue, something they’ll never forget, but if you’re not careful you can kind of let it overwhelm you.”

“I think he tries to downplay it, but we all know what we’ve got to do. He does a good job of keeping us calm. He doesn’t try to let the moment get too big for us, and we know what we’ve got to do.”

One last job for a 27-5 team led by Will Clemens, the lone starting senior out of three, and his team high .424 batting average, one of four over .400.

Young, but experienced, these Eagles are on a crash course with history and they have been all season long. Pitcher/ Short Stop Cole Tingle said, “Just play in the moment and stay focused and do what we do best, just making memories with friends and just know it’ll be forever.”

“When you have a team that’s as talented as we are that also works as hard as we do, that’s when you get a championship caliber team, and I think we have that.”

Here’s a look at the full schedule for next week. Starting Tuesday at 1 p.m. and it’s the same time Thursday for game two and then Saturday as well for game three if necessary.

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