Pascagoula Man’s State Flag Burned in Driveway

A Pascagoula man woke up this morning to find his Mississippi flag burned and the words ‘blacks rule’ spray painted in his driveway.
Robert Comans has lived on Jackson Avenue in Pascagoula for nine years. He woke up this morning to a disturbing scene outside his home; the Mississippi state flag he proudly displays was taken down and burned. “It really, really shocked me to know that I’d been flying a flag that somebody must hate themselves, otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing that.”
At the edge of the driveway, the words ‘blacks rule’ was spray painted on the ground. A shocking sight to Comans, as well as to neighbors who say those who live in the area get along quite well.
Willie Edwards, a neighbor, said, “We have blacks, whites, Hispanics everywhere. So, we get along real good in this neighborhood. So, I just don’t understand why someone would come through and do something like that.”
Jakub Watkins,a neighbor, said, “Everyone here seems like they all like each other, know each other. Everyone here is super helpful and everyone here gets along.”
While neighbors describe the area as pleasant, the vandalism outside Mr. Coman’s home paints a different picture. “This is the third incident that’s happened at my house,” he said, “Two black boys got Roundup, that kills weeds and grass, and I had a flowerbed right here and they sprayed it all down with Roundup.”
Comans tells News 25 he plans on hanging another state flag, and he may even re-hang the burned one. He says the next time something like this happens, he’ll be ready. “I’m going to stay here regardless if anybody likes it or not, but I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll be prepared next time anybody comes around this house.”
The Pascagoula Police Department is still investigating the vandalism.

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