Pascagoula Library celebrates Star Wars Day

Your favorite Star Wars characters were spotted at the Pascagoula Library!

Fans gathered inside the library for an abundance of activities paying homage to the beloved movie franchise.

Attendees entered a costume contest and also enjoyed the Jedi Academy, Star Wars Bing And Trivia, as well as delicious beverages from the Cantina named ‘Dueling Sabers.’

News 25 spoke to a few of the fans competing in the contest, dressed as their favorite characters. Jones Carter, dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi, said, “I have a whole entire garage with my brothers at the house with Legos and Star Wars.”

Trent Wilson, dressed as Anakin Skywalker, said, “I have never met any other people that are this into Star Wars. I’ve been wanting to do something like this since I was 11.”

Costume Contest Judge Audra Thompson said, “It’s so awesome to see people come out, have these characters that they’re wearing and also love. You can just see it in their eyes how excited they are to be the character for the day and that’s what cosplay is all about.”

The May the Fourth be with You Celebration will become an annual event for the Pascagoula Library. They also plan on hosting more events for the community to enjoy.

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