Pascagoula High School senior honored for saving lives

Pascagoula High School hosted a school-wide assembly in the gym to kick off the school year and also honor a local hero.

Corion Evans, a senior at Pascagoula High School, saved a group of girls and a police officer from drowning in July.

Today, the City of Pascagoula presented Evans with a proclamation and the YMCA presented Evans with a lifeguard certification training voucher that will allow him to become a certified lifeguard.

Evans learned how to swim at three-years-old and says at that moment he was just glad he was able to help. “It was also other people there that couldn’t swim. So, they couldn’t jump in the water. So, what if I couldn’t swim and jumped in the water like those people probably would have lost their life because it was other people there, but they weren’t jumping in. So, it could have been really tragic if I didn’t know how to swim. So, that’s why I was saying it’s such a good thing I do know how to swim.”

Evans says he is humbled at all the attention and recognition he has received. A GoFundMe for Evans was started after people heard about his story and has raised over $82,000.

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