Pascagoula community mourns at the funeral of Coach Lee Tingle

It was a somber day in Jackson County as Coach Lee Tingle was laid to rest.

Family and friends gathered for the funeral of longtime Coach Lee Tingle. On December 2nd, Tingle died from a rare brain disease at the age of 52.

Lee was involved with Pascagoula youth sports for over 15 years where he enjoyed coaching soccer and baseball, winning local, district, and statewide titles.

Alan Sudduth, Tingle’s family member, gave hugs throughout the service while others waited hours in line to get inside First Baptist Church in Pascagoula to pay their respects. “He had such an impact on his family, on the community. It’s a really big loss.”

Tingle owned Physical Therapy Professionals where he helped many young athletes across the Coast recover from sports-related injuries. Pascagoula High School Baseball Coach Richie Tillman said, “We talk about what we want our young people to grow up and become as adults, Lee was a great example of that. Lee is the way.”

The Tingle family requested letters and stories at the funeral of the beloved coach and plan on reading them on Christmas morning. “If there were more people just like Lee, our world would be a whole lot better.”

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