Pascagoula city leaders discuss county’s recent utility rate hike

The newly raised utility rates in Jackson County are causing concerns for people who live in Pascagoula. The city council held a special meeting to discuss the increases.

Over the past three years, the Jackson County Utility Authority has steadily increased its fees by more than 96%. City council members met at noon at city hall to discuss the latest round of increases that went into effect earlier this month. The monthly sewer demand fee has seen the sharpest rise – going up more than $20 a month for residents.

“As time went by, the increases were so large we had no choice but to pass them on to the customers,” says City Council Clerk Bobby Parker. “We just couldn’t afford to eat them any longer.”

The rise affects not only expenses for residents, but businesses as well. Pascagoula will continue to charge the higher fees for the first few billing cycles. City leaders plan to meet again to determine if the rates will stay the same.

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