Parking Spaces and a Bike Lane Added to the Vieux Marche Area

If you’re in the Vieux Marche area of downtown Biloxi, you may notice more parking spaces.
Vincent Creel with public affairs for the city says public works created more parking and a bike lane over the weekend. The new lanes and parking can be found throughout Howard Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. With many city officials and residents concerned about limited parking for the baseball stadium, the city wanted to make sure it would not be an issue. But Creel says the parking is not just beneficial for the stadium, it will help bring more people to the Vieux Marche area and create more exposure for local business.
Hiram McCall, manager of the Fillin’ Station, said, “Well, with our lack of parking spaces around the building, it’s definitely going to be helpful if we have an overflow crowd or during baseball games they do park over behind us, they will have to walk by us to get to the stadium, so I think it would definitely be beneficial for our business.”
McCall also says the designated bike lanes will better keep joggers and bikers safe from traffic.
There will be a ribbon cutting for the new lanes on Wednesday.

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