Parker’s Purpose BBQ Benefit

A barbecue event was held Sunday for a special cause in Moss Point.
Parker’s Purpose is a nonprofit organization based out of Moss Point. They donate care boxes to local hospitals and provide support for mothers with stillborn babies. Each dollar donated toward the organization goes toward a mother and her family.
Stillborns and infants lost soon after birth are the main focus for the Parker’s Purpose care boxes. Rebecca Schroeder with Parker’s Purpose said, “We are in eleven hospitals along the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to Alabama. These are boxes for their stay geared toward their comfort and support. We sew all the blankets. Today we are doing a support for Cuddle Cots. It’s a cooling bed for mommas with stillborn babies to stay in the room with them during their stay.”
Each care package from Parker’s Purpose contains a teddy bear, a blanket for the baby, and so much more to help mothers along their journey.

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