Parents Want Police Athletic League to Reopen

Earlier this month the Gulfport Police Department announced the Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) will be closing, but now, parents of children who attended P.A.L. say they are fighting to get the program reopened.

Christopher Smith has started a petition, which already has 80 signatures, to get Gulfport Police to once again staff the P.A.L. program. Parents say the program was critical for the Gaston Point community, many of whom can’t afford to send their children to pricey after school programs.

Alice Thomas, a concerned parent, says, “It helps them with their tutoring to keep their minds focused. Even after they leave from school, they still get two hours they get to come here and still have someone to help them even more one on one. It’s more convenient, it gives them something more positive to do.”

Some parents tell News 25 they believe the recent shooting of Raymond Howze III, just blocks from the P.A.L. center, is an example of what can happen in a community when enrichment programs are taken away.

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