Parents speak out about delayed start for West Harrison Middle School

After Harrison County School District announced Friday that West Harrison Middle School students will have to begin the school year virtually due to construction delays, parents took to the school district’s board meeting to voice their reactions to the delay.

The school district said Friday that supply shortages caused by the pandemic, along with hurricane damage, had put construction behind schedule.

West Harrison Middle School parents spoke out at tonight’s board meeting about the lack of communication between the district and its nearly 650 students.

Several of the parents that voice their opinions were concerned with figuring out how they’ll be able to stay at home with their children and how they’ll get homework for their kids just two days before school was set to start. Parent Kristen Allen said, “What we’re asking for is communication and transparency. Giving us some type of notice or heads up so that we can start planning, preparing. Parents can move mountains. We can be your best friend or your worst enemy. We could’ve all possibly had time to get together to form something to get groups together, something! To where there is no child that has to sit at home by themselves. Parents having to worry about feeding them or whatever the case may be.”

West Harrison Middle School Principal Dr. Natasha Williams said, “We have a packet ready with information for the parents. We have contact information. So, if they have questions, they have concerns, we will be available to address them. We want this transition to be as seamless as possible. We are going to be all hands-on deck. And we are ready. We are going to have school. As educators, we have to accommodate and modify all the time. We are about the business of educating boys and girls and that’s what we’re looking forward to doing.”

Students will be able to be on campus once a certificate of occupancy is received.

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