Parents rally for distance learning at Harrison County School District meeting

Concern on the rise from Harrison County parents over the way the school district is preparing for the upcoming academic year.

Of the more than 40 parents in attendance for Monday’s board meeting, six of them voiced their convictions regarding the lack of planning for distance learning or a hybrid program.

The Harrison County School District is currently asking all students to attend classes in a traditional setting without any kind of virtual curriculum in place.

The only other options are leaving the school district or home-school and these parents say that is simply unacceptable.  Parent Kristen Stachura Allen said, “My parents help me. They’re both high risk. That means my kids are not going to be able to see my parents again for months because if I am forced to put them in school, they’ll be exposed and they could potentially kill my parents. This is not cool. The Harrison County School District needs to do something and offer distance learning.”

Parent Aldon Helmert said, “My family is leaving this district. I was a product of this school district and I am taking my children out of this district. After researching, I can tell you that if you flip through the Bible, Proverbs 4, it says to abandon everything for wisdom. And my family is going to choose wisdom over anything else.”

Parent Kimberly Norris said, “This school district is literally at the bottom of the toilet. That’s my input on that.”

When asked for comment, Harrison County School Board President Rena Wiggins declined an interview request with News 25.

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