Parents arrested for murder in 30-year-old cold case in Picayune

Picayune Police Department solved a 30-year-old cold case.

In 1992, a baby girl was found in a dumpster in Picayune by a farmer. DNA testing was fairly new, leading the case to go cold. 30 years later, this case was solved through forensic genetic genealogy, advanced DNA testing.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Christa Groom was able to help Picayune police get funding for the testing. “All that evidence that had been preserved – every single piece of evidence was sent back to the state crime lab and reworked again. Those samples were then sent off to another lab for the maternal/paternal DNA testing to confirm who the parents were.”

50-year-old Inga Johansen Carriere and Andrew Carriere II are in custody of Louisiana State police for first-degree murder, but the story of Baby Doe doesn’t end there.

Captain Rhonda Johnson was out for a ride with her husband when she asked him to stop. In the same neighborhood where baby girl was found, lay a headstone that reads ‘Heaven’s Angel’

Captain Rhonda Johnson said, “I was so excited. I sent everybody pictures. I sent everybody pictures telling them ‘I found her! I found her!’ and they were all excited for me. I was excited to find her because I knew without that we probably wouldn’t have been able to have a case.”

Baby Doe was given the name Heaven’s Angel by the farmer who found her. According to his son-in-law, Robert Brignac, he was a member of the church that got the baby a headstone.

Picayune Police Chief Joe Quave told News 25 these cases are a group effort. “But there were several officers over 30 years, several agencies involved. It’s just a testament to what can happen when everybody is working together and everybody’s on the same page. We’re doing this for the victims and no pride is involved, so it’s an awesome thing to be able to happen.”

30 years later, Heaven’s Angel is finally getting justice.

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