Parent concerned for children’s safety after another gun found at Biloxi High

Another incident at Biloxi High involving a weapon, this time an unloaded gun was found after a tip concerning a weapon on campus.

Biloxi Superintendent Marcus Boudreaux sent a letter to parents this morning explaining a student was arrested and disciplined according to district policy.

A Biloxi High parent spoke to News 25 about her fears for her children’s safety and wants stricter security for her kids.

Twice in the last month, parents of Biloxi High School students have received letters addressing safety concerns and guns found on campus.

The frequency of these incidents alarms parents and they want to know in what ways schools can become a safe space again.

Erica Johnson, the mother of two freshman students and a sophomore, says she fears for the safety of her kids.

Johnson takes to Facebook saying ‘sad to say, but I guess it is time to put metal detectors in Biloxi High School. I have three Biloxi high schoolers and I shouldn’t have to be worried everyday about someone bringing a gun to school.”

Last month when social media threats about gun violence were circulating among students, Johnson kept her kids home. Although they were marked absent, she knew they were safe. “I know that they have amped up the security and they’re doing the random metal detector tests now, but to me if the gun is already on property, it makes no sense to do the random. It takes two seconds for the weapon to be pulled out and action to be taken. I do feel like they need to put the metal detectors in there for them to walk through every morning, even though they may raise anxiety, but I know for the safety for my children, it’s being done.”

Johnson continues to tell her children if they are aware of any guns on campus to alert an administrator.

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