Paranormal event ‘Under the Grave’ to livestream tomorrow

The ‘Terror on the Coast’ team is looking to give all Coast residents a very unique experience.

Tomorrow night, David Childers, founder of Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute, photographer, and actor for 26 years will host the event ‘Under the Grave.’ Childers will investigate paranormal activities as well as interact with those beyond the grave.

‘Terror on the Coast’ Producer and Director Keith Lampman says this is an experience you won’t want to miss. “What we decided to do with the recent events is to close the set and do a Facebook live. So, if you’ve ever watched a ghost video before or wondered how those are filmed, you’ll have the opportunity to say ‘hey turn the camera to the left or to the right.’ You’ll also be able to go back and view the photos and say ‘go back you guys missed something.’ You can text in questions and talk to the actors.”

You can watch live from their Facebook link on Also look for the event on their page and follow the link live.

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