Panhandling complaints on the decline in Biloxi

It’s been just over thirty days since the Biloxi City Council passed an ordinance requiring panhandlers to get a permit.
While no permits are being issued yet officials with the City of Biloxi tell News 25 that overall complaints have gone down since the announcement.
According to the Biloxi Police Department there were over 500 complaints within this past year and Biloxi Police Chief John Miller says this decline in complaints can more than likely be credited to adding six officers to patrolling common panhandler locations. “A six person team that that’s what they are doing everyday now, going around, trying to address homeless issues or panhandling issues. Trying to, a lot of it, we try to educate the people who are out panhandling. We try to educate them on this is what the law is and if it’s help that you need, we can take you somewhere to get that.”
Once permits are offered they will be free and the panhandler will be issued a picture ID that is good for one year.

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