Paint Pascagoula

Pascagoula is getting excited about making their city a nicer place to live. River Run, Our Singing River, and Pascagoula…Live, Work, and Play were just a few of the works painted on city utility boxes last year. While these artists expect to work behind the scenes, they saw an outpouring of support from Pascagoula citizens.
“The people were wonderful that would come by and blow their horns, thumbs up. I mean the whole nine yards. It was just great the way that they were excited about the beautification that it was giving Pascagoula,” said artist Brenda Kitchens.
Paint Pascagoula encourages artists to use their creativity to turn ordinary utility boxes into extraordinary works of art. The city has 7 utility boxes to be painted this year. The people of Pascagoula hope these artists use the boxes as a canvas to leave their mark on the city.
New and returning artists are looking forward to sharing their talents with the city. Each stroke of their paint brush helps share Pascagoula’s history and culture with those who drive their streets.

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