Overturned Truck Causes Delays

The lunch time commute was a nightmare for anyone driving along or near the popular I-10 and Highway 49 intersection in Gulfport today.
Around 11 this morning, traffic in both the north and southbound lanes on 49 came to a complete stop with vehicles backed up for miles. What was to blame for this? A load of yarn. News 25’s Bryan Kennedy was at the scene and explains.
While many drivers were caught up in the inconvenience of traffic delays, truck driver Kenneth Crittenden was counting his blessings. “I want to give God all the honor and glory. Look what he did for me, turned over a truck and look at me.”
The accident at the busy intersection was unraveled as Crittenden was exiting onto 49, his truck hauling a load of yarn. “I was going around the curve. I was actually going slow. I think my load was top heavy, though,” said Crittenden.
Crittenden says as he steered his 18 wheeler on the highway, his load of yarn shifted causing his truck to roll over right on the highway. Fortunately, there were no vehicles in his path and Crittenden escaped without injury.
Two separate tow trucks were called to the scene to get the truck upright and tow it away. Police had to re-route southbound traffic on Highway 49 and drivers were forced to use the interstate and back roads to avoid the accident and the traffic congestion. Sergeant Damon McDaniel, with Gulfport PD, said, “At this time, we have no injuries. We have a basic crash investigation and what we’re waiting for is the traffic to be cleared after the vehicle is towed away.”
Crittenden says he knows his truck is a loss, but he’s just happy to be alive and unscathed. “I can touch my toes, side step. Whatever you call it. You know what I’m talking about, but God is good.”
Tow trucks did have the truck removed and traffic was flowing normally shortly after 1:30.

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