Overcrowding problem costing animals’ lives

The Jackson County Animal Shelter works hard every day to help as many animals as they can find new homes and live a healthy life. But, the number of animals forced to be euthanized last month was the highest it has been since the beginning of the year.
It’s not the first time JJ the dog has been here at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. JJ was adopted, but when his owner passed away last year, JJ had to come back, joining the hundreds of other animals at the shelter waiting to find homes. Adoption Coordinator Maridee Mallette said, “We love animals. We work very hard to save them. We do not want to put down animals. Our goal is to save as many as we can to good homes.”
The Jackson County Animal Shelter usually keeps a 73 percent live release rate, but because overcrowding is such an issue, last month the shelter had to put down the most animals they’ve had to euthanize this year. “Sometimes we can go a week or two or even three without euthanizing, but sometimes, especially after a storm or a holiday where there’s fireworks or something like that, we get a lot of animals in,” said Mallette.
Throughout the month of June, the shelter had nearly 600 animals brought it and the staff here is still struggling to find space to fit them all. “Adoption events help, spay and neuter your pets, come look for animals when they’re lost.”
Mallette tells News 25 the biggest thing people can do to help is to volunteer to foster animals. That’s how shelter volunteer Hillary McVeay says she saved one cat’s life. “She was nearly on the verge of dying. Now if you see her she looks like gold. She’d be here if I wouldn’t have brought her home. I love her very much.”
Applications to foster a pet can be picked up at the shelter in Gautier. “We need more people because of these right here. We are no better than they are so please come help,” said McVeay.
A record breaking amount of 300 animals were adopted from the shelter last month.

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