Over 350 kids partake in fun activities at 13th annual Art Ability Fair

Disability Connection hosted their 13th annual Art Ability Fair at the Biloxi Civic Center.

More than 350 kids from 26 schools were able to learn about and take part in arts and crafts activities that centered around space.

Disability Connection serves more than 15,000 people annually from six counties of Mississippi that support those in need, especially those with disabilities.

The fair also had a DJ, pottery section, and plenty of pizza and snacks to go around.

Each school that participated was sent home with information about future events. Executive Director Janie O’Keefe said, “Individuals with intellectual disabilities or all individuals with disabilities want to do all the fun things we all do and art is something that everybody should explore because it’s just a great opportunity for them to learn something. It’s just a great adventure for them to explore and try new things.”

The find out more information about the next fair or upcoming events visit disabilityconnection.org.

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