Have an outstanding warrant? Second chance program in Long Beach

Right now is the opportunity to get a second chance if you’re a Long Beach resident with an outstanding warrant.
The City of Long Beach Municipal Court is holding a warrant clearance program. This means residents can have their warrants removed and contempt of court charges for failing to appear will be dismissed.
If a court date is needed to address underlying charges, a court date will be given and individuals will be released on their recognition. For those residents who voluntarily appear no bond will be required. Jenny Levens with the City of Biloxi said, “It’s a good opportunity for you to clear all your warrants that you have outstanding. We can get you on a payment plan or a public defender if you need that and it gives the chance to clear everything out. So you start out fresh and get your licenses reinstated and apply for jobs and get back out into society.”
If you’re interested, stop by Long Beach City Hall during normal business hours. Residents need to bring proof of a current address and at least one form of identification. The warrant clearance program will end on Thursday at 5 p.m.

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