Outdoor Sports Lovers Flood Stores

This morning, outdoor sports lovers ventured to the nearest outdoor sports store to cash in on the weekend’s sales tax holiday. News 25’s Bryan Kennedy braved the crowd and caught up with Coast residents as they took advantage of the tax break.
Outdoor lovers lined up at Dad’s Super Pawn this morning where they were all hunting for deals and looking to cash in on this weekend’s outdoors sales tax holiday. Bonnie Daughdrill was out taking advantage of the tax holiday and she said, “Well, I thought I was going to get here early and beat the rush, but I sort of missed that, didn’t I? These are Christmas presents and just personal shooting and enjoying the ammo. And with the sales tax, I can take that money and go buy some shrimp.”
Guns, safes, hunting equipment and ammunition are just some of the gear covered by the sales tax break. This weekend marks the second year the state has signed off on the Second Amendment Sales Tax holiday, a tax break weekend passed into law largely because of a drive by Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves and the National Rifle Association.
This break is a statewide incentive that is great for sportsmen and women, as well as local business owners, Like Dad’s Super Pawn owner Kevin Riley. “It has been absolutely wild this morning,” said Riley. “We had over 200 firearms this morning sold before we opened the doors. We have sold close to 100 and it’s only 10:30.”
While the crowd did eventually die down at Dad’s Super Pawn, Riley says he’s buckling in for a profitable weekend thanks to the outdoor sales tax. “All weekend long, we’re expecting a great weekend. We’re looking forward to it. We’ve got a great staff here today. Everybody else just needs to catch up.”
For outdoor sports lovers in Oceans Springs, the Ocean Springs VFW is hosting a gun show on Saturday and Sunday where you can also cash in on the sales tax holiday.

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