Outdoor recreational facilities under strict guidelines

The new executive order issued by Governor Reeves to begin safely reopening the outdoor recreational facilities is now in full effect.

Governor Reeves says this is an important step in giving Mississippians an outlet to take care of their mental health. The order details the strict social distance guidelines.

Before a facility can reopen, the entire outdoor park must be deep cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, including areas not open to the public.

Waiting areas and lines must mark spots at least six feet apart to ensure social distancing. Employees must be stationed there to make sure social distancing is followed.

No more than 50 percent of the outdoor park’s capacity is allowed and those are just a few guidelines.

Long Beach Parks and Recreation Director Bob Paul says staying safe is the top priority. “The city is monitoring all of our parks, the town green. We have several other parks open right now. We have ball parks, walking tracks, and everybody is using a lot of common sense and that’s what it boils down to is common sense. If you as a parent or an adult don’t feel comfortable using the facilities, then don’t use them. If you see that there are more people at that location than you want, don’t visit.”

The outdoor recreational orders are in effect until June 1st at 8 a.m.

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