Operation Homefront Back to School Brigade

Operation Homefront was successful. More than 200 military kids received school supplies at Keesler Air Force Base today.
Operation Homefront is a national nonprofit that works to build secure military families. One way they do that is through their Back to School Brigade.
Teaming up with Dollar Tree, Honda and SAIC, the organization was able to bring 200 backpacks and an abundance of school supplies to the military children of lower enlisted soliders on our Gulf Coast.
These soldiers typically make the least amount of money and Community Liaison Corey Conner says boosting these children’s moral is their main goal. “You look around sometimes at the kids that don’t have things and they get judged. If we can just help one family, that’s wonderful, but we’re helping about 80 families that we’re helping here today.”
If you are a parent in need of school supplies, in the military or not, or you just wish to donate funds to the organization, you can go to operationhomefront.net for all the details.

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