One year since major flash flood in Gulfport

It was one year ago today when cities along South Mississippi received extreme rainfall, dumping as much as ten inches of rain, flooding homes and businesses.
The flash flood caused 20 homes and businesses to be destroyed in Gulfport and over 70 people had to be rescued. Several shops along Dedeaux Road off Highway 49 had about 24 inches of water in their buildings.
After losing everything, Melissa’s Bakery owners in the shopping area say they rebuilt their facility within one month and were happy to move on. Melissa Bakery’s Manager Faren Knowles said, “The flood was a disaster for us, but it did bring awareness to us by people who did not know we were here. You always try to look at a silver lining in a tragic event so that was kind of our silver lining is that it maybe brought us a little more awareness that we didn’t have.”
Bakery owners say they are happy they stayed and rebuilt in their location. Since the flood they were able to bring in more customers for their business.

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