One dead in single vehicle crash in Gulfport

A 37-year-old man is dead following a single vehicle crash at 2:30 this morning in Gulfport.

According to Harrison County Deputy Coroner Brian Switzer, William Sample was not wearing a seat belt when he crashed his 2000 Chrysler Sedan.  Sample was traveling on Cuandet Road near Washington Avenue. The vehicle left the roadway landing upside down in a ditch filled with water. Sample was unresponsive when emergency units arrived.

Switzer says bystanders got to the scene before emergency units arrived and helped the female out of the vehicle, but when they got to Sample it was too late. Witness Howard Mills said, “We were on each side of the car trying to bust the window out. It’s hard to bust the window out when you just hit it there with your fist. In fact I don’t know how they busted it. They eventually busted the window out. But, it’s real hard to bust one under water. They eventually busted one out and they got both of them out that way.”

Witness Harold Carter said, “And all the way down this road, they landed in the only place that has water. It’s unbelievable.”

Sample was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:30 this morning. His death is being ruled an accidental drowning.

A female passenger was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries and was released shortly after.

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