Ole Miss Pro Day

When you think about the word nasty other words like gross or disgusting might come to mind, but when you think about the word nasty as it pertains to Ole Miss football names like A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf give the word nasty a new meaning.

Today, two-thirds of the ‘nasty wideouts’ trio serving as the headliner at Ole Miss Pro Day where 17 former Rebels took part in drills in front of scouts for all 32 teams.

In the latest CBS Sports Mock Draft, both Brown and Metcalf are projected as first-round picks even with the latter losing the back half of his junior season to a neck injury.

Afterwards, plenty of compliments to go around from the future NFL stars. “He’s a special guy. He’s big, he’s fast, man. That comes once in a lifetime. I mean I would never talk down on D.K. I would never do that. He’s a special guy, he’s going to play a long time in the NFL. He’s blessed, especially after everything he’s been through, they couldn’t get me to say anything bad about him, man,” said Brown.

Metcalf said, “Me and A.J. compete at everything we do. We’re two different people on the field, but that’s my brother off the field and I know he’s always got my back. And A.J. is a great player, and we just compete at everything we do. And that brings the best out of both of us.”

That mock draft has Metcalf going 17th overall to the New York Giants and Brown at 30th to the Green Bay Packers in a pick they got from the New Orleans Saints.

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