Old Town Village Tour walks visitors through City of D’Iberville’s past

Families gathered at the D’Iberville Town Green for the first-ever Old Town Village Tour.

Spectators were able to stroll through the 20 miniature replicas and speak with reenactors telling tales of the past.

Six years ago, Ralph Borries, a retired city worker, crafted 19 built-to-scale replicas. Most of the buildings were located along present-day Central Avenue, many of which were destroyed by hurricanes.

Locals will tell you walking through the village takes you on a stroll down memory lane. “I love seeing the bits and pieces from my grandparent’s childhood, my mom’s childhood, and my dad’s childhood come back alive.”

“In the old town, the church where I was baptized, where I received the sacraments is portrayed and the building of people who were in my family tree are here.”

“This is our past and it’s very convincing. I don’t see anything I don’t recognize from 50 to 60 years ago.”

New to the village this year is a replica of present-day City Hall.

There is still time to walk through the village at the D’Iberville Town Green. It will remain on display for the rest of the holiday season.

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