Is the old Pascagoula Train Station haunted?

The old Pascagoula Train Station is registered as a Mississippi landmark on the National List of Historic Places. Over the years the building has served different purposes and those who once worked there claim the old station is haunted.
Built in 1904, the old Railroad Depot in Pascagoula stands at more than one hundred years old. Over time this old building has been home to several different services and former employees think the building could be occupied by something else. “The phone flew and hit the filing cabinets and the person sitting next to me, her eyes got as big as golf balls.”
Rebecca Davis worked in the old station in 2007 when the building was being used to house city offices. Davis says over the years she worked there strange things would happen all the time. Pictures would fall off the walls, chairs would move, and office items would shift around. Davis recalls one night a co-worker and her closing the building. “She knew that she had turned everything off and when she comes back in the radio is just blaring, but it is opera music.”
After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, train service was discontinued at the depot and up until 1969 an express shipments office stood next door to the station. On Christmas Day 1931, a man who worked there was found dead. Historians tell News 25 the express worker’s death was ruled a suicide. Carl Megehee with the Pascagoula Historical Committee said, “His son went up to the depot and found him dead. It was strange because they didn’t know what happened.”
Davis says whether whatever appeared to be happening during her time working there was paranormal or not, she says this place should be renovated because of its historical beauty. “Do you believe, I don’t know what it is, but I know what happened.”

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