Old Green Thumb Nursery in flames

The Old Green Thumb Nursery near downtown Gulfport was engulfed in flames earlier this evening.

Fire crews arrived on scene around 5:30 to find the building with heavy flames and smoke. The smoke was so heavy that you could see it from several blocks away.

The building was abandoned and there was no power or utilities hooked up to the building.

Gulfport Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt says investigators will be working hard to find out why this building caught on fire. Chief Beyerstedt also said he is very pleased with his crew’s response time and how they handled the fire. “I’m super proud of the effort the guys had put out today. You can tell I am sweating just standing out here, those guys have 60 pounds of gear and a winter coat and winter pants on top of that so it is a tough day to be fighting a fire. A couple of the guys have had some heat exhaustion, nothing serious, but this is the toughest weather you can fight fire in. So, yeah I am really proud of the effort. ”

News 25 will keep you updated as we learn more about the cause of this fire.

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