Old Biloxi Cemetery tour preview Thursday

The old Biloxi Cemetery is rich with history and each year many people gather to tour the Biloxi Cemetery leading up to Halloween.

The tour allows people to learn the history of those buried at the cemetery, learn about the history of the cemetery, and enjoy generational stories.

Tomorrow, guests will get a sneak peek into the cemetery, which will include a rendition of the St. Cyr Zamore Tomb, stories from Nick Black of Nola Cemetery Renewal, and portrayals by two of this year’s actors. Biloxi Historical Administrator Bill Raymond said, “It’s about telling our cities history and telling it in a way that people can participate in and be part of. This year’s theme is ‘family, legends, and lore 2.’ People have actually submitted their family stories to be told at the cemetery and whether they are true or not, we are not sure, and the families aren’t sure, but it’s the stories that have been passed down for generations in the family. We want to help share their stories.”

The old Biloxi Cemetery sneak peek will kick off at 5:30 p.m. and it is free to the public.


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