Officials Ready For Hurricane Nate

Now that the hurricane is over, it’s time for cities to clean up the mess it left behind.
Like the saying goes ‘do as i say, not as I do.’ First responders were living by that code as Hurricane Nate made landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Saturday night.
For Harrison County officials, it’s all about saving those in the way of the storm from themselves.With over two thousand people without power and several roads and businesses underwater, officials in Harrison County have been non stop patrolling, ready to protect our residents. Officer Jason Cummings with Biloxi PD said, “Don’t take these storms lightly. If law enforcement and people are saying, stay indoors, you know, get prepared for this storm, take that word of advice and stay indoors.
With Nate’s storm surge, Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy explains they had to jump three of their parameter cycle plans because of Nate’s fast moving winds. “We knew we were watching something but we had to condense those long term plans into a very short time span to make sure we were doing these necessary actions to protect our residents.”
But some residents just couldn’t resist witnessing the impact of the gulf coast waters. “You got people still driving up on the service drives, wanting to take pictures and seeing how close the water can get to them,” said Cummings.
Harrison County officials were driving along Highway 90 to make sure civilians were staying off the roads. During the storm, water receded over the roadway. “The roads are wet, it’s dark, things are flying around, debris are flying around, you don’t need to be on the roadway, it’s very very dangerous,” said Cummings.
“We knew. That’s one of the reasons of the curfew. That’s one of the reasons we did a big push for our cruisers to enjoy Cruisin the Coast but even at that side that we knew we were going to see water on Highway 90 and, we saw it,” said Lacy.
The tides have come and gone and so it seems have the dangers of Hurricane Nate.

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