Officials cut the ribbon on new hangar at Stennis Airport

State officials joined the public today for a ribbon cutting at Stennis Airport as the facility adds a state-of-the-art hangar.

The $5 million project will add some high-paying jobs to the Gulf Coast.

What was once a large patch of green on the grounds of Stennis International Airport is now a bay where two Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys sit.

On Wednesday Governor Tate Reeves and Congressman Steven Palazzo cut the ribbon on the 24,000 square-foot hangar partially funded with $2 million in RESTORE grant money.

Congress passed the RESTORE Act after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacted the Gulf Coast economy and ecosystem. Governor Reeves said, “It’s going to be an opportunity to bring money from outside the state into the state so as to see these private sector companies we’re partnering with hire more people in higher technology jobs – and, quite frankly, jobs that pay more.”

The RESTORE Act dedicates 80 percent of penalties from that oil spill to a restoration fund that goes to ecosystems, coastal habitats and – as you see here – the Gulf Coast economy. Palazzo said, “A group of legislators, along with myself, we said we don’t want this money to go back to the federal government to be spent by unelected bureaucrat all over the country. We need to restore our ecosystem and our economy needs to recover.”

“I remember flying into Stennis many times over the last 15 years and this being a green space. Well now, as you look around, it’s no longer a green space. We have what looks like a helicopter back here that’s being worked on by people who live right here in Mississippi, and it’s just a great thing.”

The space features a 154-foot-wide and 28-foot-high hangar door – impressive work by Drace Construction of Long Beach, which was awarded the contract in 2019.

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