Ochsner Medical Center-Hancock pushes for heart health

A labor of love, locally made, hand-knitted caps for newborns at Ochsner Medical Center-Hancock, a hospital in Bay St. Louis and it’s all part of a push to raise awareness when it comes to heart disease.

Special deliveries happen often, almost daily, at Ochsner Medical Center-Hancock. Meet Amir Buckhalter who is just one day old, but he’s already in good hands and making a difference, wearing a red cap as part of an overall push to raise awareness for heart disease. Ochsner Medical Center-Hancock Director of Women’s Services Dawn Smith said, “The American Heart Association has given us red hats to provide for our babies who are born throughout the month of February.”

Little Amir has already captured the attention and heart of hospital CEO Alan Hodges, who, along with other hospital staff, continue to support the ‘Little Hats, Big Hearts’ campaign. “We’ve been a participant here at the hospital for about four years, four or five years. It’s one of the times of the year we really get to celebrate these little ones in the community and really bring awareness to cardiac problems, even in little children.”

While the hospital is observing Heart Month with the little caps, the hospital has technology used year round to monitor the heart health of newborns here. Ochsner Medical Center-Hancock’s Imaging Director Timmy Thrash said, “This is our telemedicine machine right here behind us. What we have is a camera on top, and we have a number we can dial. We actually dial and talk straight with a pediatric cardiologist. They can actually see the ECHO live, and during that time we can see what needs to be done with the baby if the baby requires to be transferred or if we can do it here locally. Like I said, 70 percent of the care is locally done here.”

Life-saving technology on demand that saves precious time and just one of many tools and labors here by hospital workers to help preserve and enhance quality of life.

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