Ocean Springs residents reviewing local restaurants to find best crawfish

We are in the heat of crawfish season and if you’re wondering who has the best crawfish on the Coast, News 25 caught up with two men reviewing local seafood restaurants.

There’s nothing worse than getting crawfish and not feeling satisfied with the size, flavor, or quality of mud bug you buy.

Ocean Springs residents Josh Harmon and Brian Higginbotham rate and review crawfish and share the results on Facebook for everyone to see.

The community reaction seems to be saving residents from spending money on bad quality crawfish while highlighting local gems in the process. Harmon said, “It’s helping more than it’s hurting. I’m not going to hold back. If I’m going to spend $15.25 on a pound of crawfish at certain locations, I’m going to tell you if it’s good or not. I’m going to be brutally honest.”

Higgonbotham said, “There is no beating around the bush. Flavor, quality of the size of the crawfish, all the way down to how it turns out in the sauce and the price point. Price point is a big thing.”

With 17 reviews so far, the two do not plan on stopping anytime soon. They’ve been invited to Louisiana and Alabama to bring their expertise across state lines.

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