Ocean Springs residents celebrate the life of Carl the Rooster

The City of Ocean Springs gathered to celebrate the life of beloved mascot Carl the Rooster who was killed last month.

Blackwater Brass led a sidewalk second line from Lil’ Market Deli and Bagelry to Twisted Anchor Tattoo along with sounds from the St. John Pipers.

Everyone, young and old, got one last chance to remember Carl’s life and symbolism to Ocean Springs.

Carl-imprinted handkerchiefs, t-shirts, umbrellas, earrings and more were worn by paradegoers.

Ocean Springs police blocked a portion of Government Street so the second line could parade down the streets of downtown. Twisted Anchor Tattoo Shop Manager Christina Jackson said, “He was my baby. He was like any other pet that I’ve ever had, so sorry, so it’s just heartbreaking. We’ve taken care of him for two years so it was no different than having a dog or a cat as far as I’m concerned.”

Nine-year-old Hadley Printe said, “My favorite memories is when would go to Pop’s Brothers and Carl would be there and we would play with Carl and run around with him and then we learned that he loved sprinkles and we’d go to Pop Brother’s and people would feed him sprinkles and he loved that.”

A nonprofit in Carl’s name is in the works.

Jackson wants to bring joy back to Ocean Springs the same way Carl did for the community.

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