Ocean Springs Plans Dredging in Three Different Bayous

Dredging is set to take place in three bayous in Ocean Springs. The Jackson County Board of Supervisors awarded a $2.9 million contract for dredging work in Stark, Upper Davis, and Simmons Bayous.

The majority of the work is funded by F.E.M.A. and is related to siltation, which has built up on the bayou floors after Hurricane Isaac and has created a number of problems for residents in the surrounding areas.

John McKay, Jackson County Supervisor for District 5, says, “One, the boaters that use the main channels of Davis, Stark, and Simmons Bayou will not be hitting the ground whenever they come out where the siltation is built up. The second thing or the big benefit of it is a lot of this affects uplands drainage and that’s what actually caused all the problems and so we’re gonna’ clean that out so it should help all the drainage from up north on Highway 90 and things like that.”

Dredging work should begin within 45 days.

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