Ocean Springs Mayor Social Media Remarks

Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran is in hot water with many residents in Ocean Springs and members of the military along the Coast.
On January 25th, Moran responded to a comment on her post, in part saying: “Who needs an organized military anyway? That’s just a waste of taxpayer dollars.”
Moran explained throughout her post that her comments were made as a joke and was a reaction to state and federal leaders abolishing funding for art projects like the Mississippi Arts Commission. That was not enough for many, who felt her comments were over the line.
Moran told News 25 “My point was that completely abolishing agencies makes little sense, like abolishing the military and relegating us to go back to the days of the revolution before a modern military was formed. In no way was I condoning defunding the military. I did not realize people would actually take that seriously. I apologize. My mistake.”

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