Ocean Springs mayor lowers state flag at City Hall

The controversy surrounding the state flag hanging at the Ocean Springs City Hall has brought Mayor Shea Dobson to lower the flag.
The flag over Ocean Springs City Hall is officially down. Mayor Dobson says they lowered the flag around 5 this evening.
As we’ve reported before, recent town hall meetings to discuss the hanging of the flag have residents of Ocean Springs divided.
News 25 spoke to the mayor over the phone earlier. He said the decision to keep the flag was not only affecting his work, but also, local businesses. “If I was the only one taking the heat, that’s one thing, but it was affecting city business. It was affecting how effective I can be, how effective the city can be and so I made the decision. We didn’t take it down until five, but I’ve been thinking about it most of the day.”
Mayor Dobson also said there are currently no plans to raise the flag back.

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